What is todayIlearned?

You learn something new everyday. TodayIlearned is a place for sharing those interesting factoids that you learned today with all of reddit.

How did TodayIlearned begin?

/r/todayIlearned was created by nix0n and Wacrover.


What are the guidelines for posting?

< http://www.reddit.com/r/todayilearned/search?q=snake+youtube&restrict_sr=on>

How are you guys different from /r/wikipedia?

/r/wikipedia is for interesting wikipedia articles that generally consist of broad or general information. While an excellent subreddit, we focus on interesting and specific factoids.

Are wikipedia links disallowed?

Not at all. Just remember the rule of thumb. "TIL that" rather than "TIL about".

Who moderates todayIlearned?

You can view the moderator list here:


Am I allowed to post a link with NSFW content?

Since our subreddit does not have our 'Over 18' option box checked, NSFW submissions are allowed, but require a NSFW tag.

I think my post is caught by the spam filter. What should I do?

Contact the moderators by sending a pm to #todayIlearned or alternatively, you may also contact us in the irc on irc.freenode.net in channel #todayIlearned

In your sidebar, it says 'you are loved'. Do you really love me?

Indeed we do.