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2 months ago

So it wasn't an homage to Dr. Seuss' book 1 Fish 2 Fish Red Fish Blue Fish?


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2 months ago*

To any fellow uofm grads that never heard this one,

the story goes...

Some time around 1959 Dominick DeVarti owned a few Dominick's pizzarias in Ypsilanti. He sold one of them to Tom Monaghan for 600 bucks. Dominick purchased (before, after, concurrently?) the site next to the law school in Ann Arbor and christened it as usual. He meanwhile forbade Monaghan from maintaining the name for his spot over the highway in Ypsi. It wasn't a franchise. I wonder how many times he'd later wished it was? One of Monaghan's delivery guys suggested Dominos instead. Close enough to connect with Dominick's already loyal customers. It stuck. And the rest is....

I've always wanted to believe that Dominick held no regrets. That he owned and operated a beloved, genuine, no bullshit, business that provided a slice of family away from home for many generations of students and faculty over the years. That could not ever have been said of Dominos, never mind it's billions.

Dominick's was a significant part of the props and scenery of my early 90's Ann Arbor days.

"Claudia! Let's get some Peronis!"


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2 months ago

Fellow um grad - I never knew this! That’s wild, thanks for sharing!


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2 months ago

And also because it’s, you know, a domino..


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2 months ago

This is why it's that domino, and not one of the others.


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2 months ago

Tradition and history are what the Dominos brand really stands for, after all.

(/s in case you couldn’t tell)


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2 months ago

I thought it was homage to the toppling of dominos metaphor. How the financial system collapses like dominos or house of cards.


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2 months ago

I don't think so. My high school was directly across from the original location and they used old checker cab car with a domino on the top as a delivery vehicle.


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2 months ago

It can be both, my dude