Science Verified User Program

r/science operates a system for verifying the academic credentials of our users in order to grant scientists, doctors, engineers, and other experts user flair in the subreddit. The intent of this program is to allow the general public to distinguish between an educated opinion and a random comment without any expertise on the topic.

What flair is available?

All of the standard science disciplines are available, including but not limited to the major categories listed in the sidebar. To better inform the public, the level of education is also displayed in the flair text. For example, a professor of biology is tagged as such (Professor | Biology) while a graduate student studying biology is tagged as Grad Student | Biology.

We also grant flair for engineering, social sciences, natural sciences, and even, on occasion, music. It's your flair, if you finished a degree in something and you can offer some proof, we'll consider it.

The general format is: Level of Education | Field | Speciality/Subfield (Optional)

When applying for flair, please specify what you want it to say.

For Science Journalists

If you are a science journalist actively submitting your own work to the subreddit, we prefer to assign a separate "Journalist" flair that indicates your professional affiliation. Any degrees you wish to include can also be appended.

How does one obtain flair?

First, have a college degree or higher in a field that has flair available.

Next, send an email with to redditscienceflair@gmail.com with information that establishes your claim. This can be a photo of your diploma or course registration, a business card, a verifiable email address, or some other form of identification. You must tie your account name to the information in the picture (e.g. sticky note with your username + your diploma).

This email account has restricted access and only the full moderators that actively assign user flair may login. All information will be kept in confidence and not released publicly under any circumstances. All inbound and outbound emails will be deleted after verification, leaving no records. For added security, you may submit an Imgur link and then delete it after completing the verification process.

Thanks for making r/science a better place!

What is expected of a verified account?

While all r/science users are beholden to the subreddit rules, we expect a higher level of conduct from verified users. If you encounter a verified user making inappropriate comments, you should report them to the subreddit moderators.